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Host-Pathogens Interactions Division Faculty



Aiken, Christopher

Molecular biology of HIV-1 replication

Algood, Holly

  Aronoff, David

Reproductive immunology (focus on infections during pregnancy)

  Ascano, Manuel

Post-transcriptional gene regulation in innate immunity and cellular stress

Aune, Thomas

The use of functional genomic and epigenetic approaches to understand gene regulation.

Ballard, Billy R.

Barnett, Joey

Common mechanisms by which growth factors mediate and influence organ formation during embryogenesis.

Boothby, Mark

How signal transduction and mechanisms of gene transcription control regulate immunity and immune-related disease mechanisms.

Bordenstein, Seth

Evolutionary and functional genomics of animal microbiomes

  Cassat, James E.

   Bacterial pathogenesis; Host-pathogen interactions during
   osteomyelitis; Bone biology; In vivo imaging

Cover, Timothy

Bacteria-host interactions, bacterial toxins, Helicobacter pylori, and  gastric cancer

Crofford, Leslie

Crowe, James

Virology, immunology, vaccine research

Denison, Mark

Coronavirus Replication, Cell Biology and Experimental Evolution; Emerging Infections; Synthetic Biology

Dermody, Terence

Chikungunya virus and reovirus cell entry, replication, and pathogenesis; reovirus-based vaccine vectors; oncolytic reovirus therapeutics

Drake, Wonder

The role of infectious agents in idiopathic pulmonary diseases with an emphasis on CD4+ T cell immunology, pathogenic mycobacteria and granulomatous inflammation

  Farrow, Melissa

Gomez, Oscar

Haas, David

Adult Infectious Diseases

Hadjifrangiskou, Maria

Helderman, Harold J.

Growth factor and cytokine receptors on T lymphocytes

Hill, George

Characterization of molecular and biochemical events during differentiation of African trypanosomes. Development of trypanocidal drugs. Fostering and supporting a diverse research and healthcare workforce.

Hoek, Kristen

Irish, Jonathan

Joyce, Sebastian

 ³Antigens, Antigen Recognition by T Cells and Mucosal Immunity²

Kalams, Spyros

Viral immunology; HIV vaccine research

Kendall, Peggy

B lymphocyte tolerance in Type 1 diabetes

Lacy, Borden

Bacterial protein toxins, structural biology

Link, Andrew

Functional genomics and systems biology analysis of the immune response and gene expression

  Mallal, Simon

   Pathogen adaptation to HLA-restricted immune responses and
  role of heterologous immunity in hypersensitivity

Miller, Geraldine

Transplantation and autoimmunity

Moore, Daniel J.

Type 1 diabetes and transplantation biology; regulation of auto- and allo-reactive lymphocytes

 Newcomb, Dawn

Olivares-Villagomez, Danyvid

Interactions between cells of the mucosal immune system and intestinal epithelial cells, and how these interactions modify the effector T cell responses, with special interest on the impact related to inflammatory bowel diseases and infections of the intestines.

Rathmell, Jeffrey

  Metabolism and T cell fates in inflammatory diseases and cancer

Richter, Kyra A.

The role of the adaptive immune system in lung granulomatous inflammation.

Rollins-Smith, Louise

Amphibian Immune Defenses, Antimicrobial Peptide Defenses, Developmental and Comparative Immunology, Chytridiomycosis and Global Amphibian Declines

Rubin, Donald

Molecular Genetics of the Pathogen-Host Interaction, Mechanism of Mucosal Immunity

Ruley, Earl

Genetic analysis of growth control and development

  Schmitz, Jonathan Emerging enteric pathogens; Clinical and diagnostic microbiology

Sebzda, Eric

Immune regulation as it pertains to autoimmunity and cancer

Shaver, Aaron

Sherwood, Edward

  Siska, Peter

Skaar, Eric

Bacteriology and Innate Immunity

Spiller, Benjamin

Structural Biology of ion channels, virulence factors, host-pathogen relationship, and cytoskeletal regulation

Sriram, Subramaniam

Mechanism of CNS demyelination

Thomas, James (Tom)

Mechanisms that regulate immune tolerance and why they fail in autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes

Van Kaer, Luc

Immune regulation, MHC class I molecules, glycolipid-reactive T cells, mucosal immunity, autoimmunity

Williams, John V.

Pediatric infectious diseases

Wilson, Keith T.

Mucosal immunology and inflammation; macrophases; arginine metabolism, nitric oxide, and polyamines; host-pathogen interactions; Helicobacter pylori; colitis.

Wu, Lan

Effects of lipid excess on the immune system and immunological functions, especially in the context of obesity and metabolic diseases

Zhou, Jing

Zutter, Mary

Integrin-mediated cell adhesion in development, cancer, innate immunity and vascular biology.

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