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Cellular & Molecular Pathology
Student Association







Students in the Cellular and Molecular Pathology (CMP) program investigate the fundamental mechanisms of disease from a variety of perspectives. The CMP Student Association (PSA) is a key way that CMP Graduate Students participate in the life of the PMI department. Through meetings and social functions, students foster camaraderie and communication among themselves.  The PSA is a key incubator for ideas to improve the Graduate Student Experience and relay these ideas to the faculty. The PSA also works with new CMP Graduate Students to help them maximize their education experience and negotiate student life; including helping them prepare for their Qualifying Exam.  The PSA seeks to enrich the graduate education experience and play a role in helping the faculty shape the graduate program.

Current Officers


Executive Chair

Matt Puccetti


Academic Chair

Kasia Ludwik


Communications Chair

Clare Adams


Finance and Social Co-chair

Kim Stauffer


Finance and Social Co-chair

Juan Gnecco