Vanderbilt Physician Scientist Development Program

Current Scholars

Jessica Devin, MD
Medicine/Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism

Meena Madhur, MD, PhD
Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology

Mayur Patel, MD
Surgery/Trauma & Surgical Critical Care

Ashley Shoemaker, MD
Pediatrics/Endocrinology & Diabetes

Isaac Thomsen, MD
Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases

Program Rationale

Vanderbilt has increasingly recognized the formidable challenges facing the career development of successful physician scientists. In particular, the institution has identified the reduced quantity and quality of postdoctoral research training available to junior faculty physician scientists (even MD/PhD) in comparison to full-time PhD basic scientists who hold the same academic rank. As a means to augment physician scientist career development in the junior faculty years, Vanderbilt has established a Physician Scientist Development (VPSD) Awards Program. The VPSD program is designed to provide an enriching scientific environment and salary support to allow newly-appointed assistant professor physicians with significant research experience to receive additional mentored investigative training. Vanderbilt has extensive mentoring resources for physician scientists interested in broad areas of basic science and patient-oriented research.

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