Workforce Performance Operations

Power Up Your Training Results With HPT

As a prestigious medical center aligned with an equally prestigious university, VUMC deeply embraces the mission to develop both staff and residents. Making patient care our highest priority obliges us to ensure that all organizational instruction results in measurable on-the-job performance improvements. For this goal to be realized, we must offer targeted, high quality staff education programs as well as supportive workplace environments that encourage our staff to fully utilize their newly learned skills for the benefit of patient care, satisfaction, and safety.

Human Performance Technology (HPT) is an established science that helps us evaluate particular factors known to influence optimal learning transfer and skill performance in the workplace. These influencers fall under the categories of work environment (access to information, resources, tools, processes and incentives) and people (motives, training, individual capacity, and skills).  An HPT evaluation compares the present and the desired levels of individual and organizational performance on all influencing criteria to determine what particular workplace factors are supporting or hindering learning transfer and/or expected levels of performance.  Based on findings, WPO can recommend interventions (e.g. training, coaching) or suggest other support teams, such as HR, who can consult on appropriate intervention options.  

HPT principles are also factored into the design of instruction. For example, techniques such as engaging working memory, managing cognitive load, leveraging prior knowledge, building mental models and teaching for transfer are all instructional delivery tools that promote information “stickiness” and enhance the ability of staff to retain and apply learned skills in the workplace.

For more information about implementing an HPT evaluation in your area, please contact Mae Kramer or Amanda Reece: mae.kramer@vanderbilt.edu / amanda.j.reece@vanderbilt.edu

To learn more about HPT, go to the International Society for Performance Improvement website: http://www.ispi.org/


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