Changes IN TPN Order Forms

The following changes about ordering and delivering of Adult TPN were made with direction from the Resource Utilization Committee, Chaired by Dr. Neilson and Dr. O'Neill. 

Suggested labs ordered found in WizOrder under "Adult TPN Monitoring Orders". Which were based on the TPN form (MC# 3010), are not longer valid.

  • TPN labs are drawn every Tuesday (instead of Monday & Thursday).
  • Accuchecks are performed q6h during the first 72 hours of TPN and renewed thereafter. 
  • Metabolic cart studies and 24 hour urine studies are restricted for selected patients as determined by the Nutrition Support Team and primary service. 
  • A transitional TPN order form is being developed (target date for new form is June 15, 2000). This form will be used until TPN orders are available in WizOrder. 
  • Elimination of standard formulas- the new ordering format individualizes TPN components such as dextrose, protein, and lipid. Total volume is specified. 
  • Insulin is ordered in Units/day--not in units/liter as previously done. 

Filtering of TPN:

All TPN formulas (Adult and Peds) will require a 1.2 micron filter. 

  • Filter must  be changed every 24 hours for TPN formula that include lipids. 
  • Filter must be changed every 72 hours for TPN without lipids. Initially, filters will be delivered with the TPN. Initially, filters will be delivered with the TPN. 
  • Please call the Nutrition Support team (beeper 4183) if you need assistance with ordering TPN. A team member is on call 24 hours X 7 days a week. 
Knowledge Is Power - Use It To Your Advantage 

For several months a message has displayed in Wiz which explains some recent changes concerning the use of BMPs (basic Metabolic Profile lab tests). How can I make this message go away?

  • Click on a small box in the lower left corner of the message window the displays the message contents. Click this only after reading and understanding the message. 

Stacked icons that appear on some Clinical Workstations (CWS) are frustrating? Can this be corrected?

  • This is a known problem and is being addressed by the appropriate people. In order to gather more information for resolution, please take a moment to report these to the Help Desk when discovered. Logging of these instances will give staff more information to resolve this problem. 

Having trouble trying to Discharge or Depart a patient?

  • Users may not have the correct account in Medipac.
  • Remember to use a leading zero when inputting the case number. 
  • When this happens, confirm that you have selected the correct account. This can be done by cross checking the patient name on the Wiz Patient List
  • This can be printed from the Stat screen by clicking on "Printouts" and then the "patient list for a given unit" button. 
  • Use the list instead of depending on the blue card. The blue card cold contain the wrong information from a previous visit that does not match the current admission. 
  • Use the Wiz Patient List to verify the correct account (case) number when using the PPRF function in Medipac to create a new face sheet or blue card. 
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