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Photograph of a steam shovel breaking ground on the medical school addition in 1937. Bottom of the photograph is stamped "Jan 8 1937".  Browse related items

Entrance to Vanderbilt University Hospital. The sign for the dispensary is visible in the foreground.  Browse related items

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View of the amphitheatre which served as the central meeting room for whole class exercises, demonstration clinics, lectures, conferences, staff ground rounds, and visiting lecturers.  Browse related items

View of construction from 21st and Edgehill avenues, in November 1924. Browse related items

An image of the construction of the School of Nursing building, dated November 17, 1924.

This building was named the "School of Nursing Building” until 1934, when it was renamed “Mary Kirkland Hall.” In 1958, the building was renamed… Browse related items

Vanderbilt Hospital and School of Medicine, ca 1925. Prepared for a print publication, and labeled on the reverse "The three million dollar School of Medicine."  Browse related items

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A newspaper clipping from Feb. 1928 (source unknown) depicting the Vanderbilt Hospital. On the back are advertisements for "Preparatory Schools for Vanderbilt." Browse related items

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View of the very early stages of construction of Vanderbilt University Hospital and Medical School in March of 1924.  Browse related items

Waiting room and admitting office of the out-patient department. Browse related items

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