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Three Dietetic Interns Standing near a Podium

Dietetic interns Aletta Gehres, Frances Copeland, and Rita Falconer stand near a microphone on a stage Browse related items

Dietitic Interns Completing Paperwork

Dietetic interns working in an office--the woman on the left is perhaps Virginia Cunningham Dowd. Browse related items

A Dietetic Intern with Cooks in the Kitchen

An unidentified dietetic intern observes two cooks in the kitchen. One of them, perhaps the man on the right, is identified as "Wilton Johnson" Browse related items

Dietetic Interns, class of 1959-1960

Dietetic interns, from the class of 1959-1960, pose for a photograph Browse related items

Mary Louise Hughes and Salt-Free Bread

Vanderbilt baker Mary Louise Hughes poses for the camera with salt-free bread Browse related items

Staff House on Garland

Unidentified dietetic interns lounge in a Vanderbilt staff house Browse related items

Vanderbilt Dietetic Interns Tour Keesler Air Force Base

Unidentified dietetic interns tour Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi Browse related items

Three Women Preparing Food for Service

Ruth Ann Haynes, Virginia Stewart, and Judy Mitchell prepare food for pediatric patients. Browse related items

Staff Members Preparing a Turkey in the Kitchen

John Holt prepares a turkey while Aletta Gehres and Joy Sanders look on Browse related items

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