• singlecell
    Our lab combines high-throughput/high-content single-cell experiments with machine learning to obtain a systems biology view of how environmental cues and signaling pathways are integrated to generate in vivo tissue architecture and function, using the gut epithelia of mouse and human as model systems.
  • dissect We apply DISSECT to mass cytometry, which has the capacity to query rare cells in hundreds of thousands of cells, to link signaling states to rare epithelial phenotypes. For example, this technique is being used to interrogate the malignant properties of colorectal cancer stem cells.

  • ffpedissect
    From a translational perspective, our approaches, when applied to FFPE archival tissues, can be combined with Vanderbilt BioVU/Pathlink data to obtain a comprehensive, single-cell view of patient samples.

  • multiplex
    We also use multiplex imaging via iterative staining, along with cloud-based image segmentation, to decipher the spatial interactions between epithelial and immune cells in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, with a special focus on the multi-system influence of TNF inflammatory signaling.