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  • 4/14/2017
    11:00 am - 12:00 am
    Places & Spaces: Mapping Science Exhibition Opening

    Join us for the Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibition, which makes a beautiful case for the importance of data visualization.

    The Places & Spaces exhibition showcases the visualization of complex data in innovative and beautiful formats, using groundbreaking methods for making sense of large streams of data. Each year new visualizations are added, culled from international and interdisciplinary submissions. Four new macroscopes have been chosen to travel with the exhibition, and will make their debut at Vanderbilt University.

    These four macroscopes use data that varies tremendously in terms of subject matter and method of collection: city smells found on social media, a library collection mapped in time and space, institutional partnerships revealed through publications, and ship locations tracked by satellite. However, they all present data visually to make new perspectives possible.

    The macroscopes will join the 100 maps of science, sculpture, and hands on activities that currently comprise the exhibition. The exhibition will be on display in the Central Library, Sarratt Student Center, Rand Hall, and the Wond'ry.

    Contact: Celia Walker

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