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  • 9/6/2017
    12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
    VICB Seminar, Margaret Chu-Moyer, Amgen

    The Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology presents Dr. Margaret Chu-Moyer, Amgen: "Making Sense of Pain: A Human Genetics Driven Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Modality Approach to Drug Discovery"

    Key Lecture Points
    Recent advances in human genetics have allowed deeper insight into disease biology. Coupling of this to the development of molecules to further understand relevant pharmacology and to identify potential therapeutics has never been more important or more challenging. This lecture will demonstrate the scientific interplay that is necessary to discover human medicines using a recent multi-modality example from our Neuroscience portfolio (Nav1.7 inhibitors for treatment of pain) and will include discussion of target validation, structural biology, lead optimization in medicinal chemistry and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics relationships.

    Contact: Michelle Armstrong

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