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  • 2/12/2018
    4:10 pm - 5:00 pm
    Department of Psychology Clinical Seiminar

    Andrea N. Niles, Ph.D.

    Advanced Women’s Health Postdoctoral Fellow

    San Francisco VA Medical Center & University of California, San Francisco

    Guest of the Department of Psychology

    College of Arts & Science, Vanderbilt University

    Improving Anxiety Treatment Access and Outcome: Targeting Disorder Mechanisms and Personalized Medicine

    Anxiety and trauma-related disorders affect 30% of people across the lifespan and are highly impairing and disabling. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, however, of those patients who do receive treatment, only about 50% respond. Further, an estimated 77% of people who have anxiety disorders do not receive treatment. Thus, efforts to improve treatment effectiveness and access are sorely needed. In this talk, Dr. Niles will discuss prior and ongoing work targeting anxiety disorder mechanisms, including deficits in emotion regulation neural circuitry and hypervigilance for threat, to improve treatment outcome and aid in development of simple and efficient treatment paradigms that can be disseminated using the internet and mobile devices. She will present research showing that affect labeling can enhance exposure effectiveness for public speaking anxiety, and demonstrate the translation of attention bias modification treatment into a mobile app. Further, Dr. Niles will discuss the application of novel statistical methods for personalized medicine. She will show how these methods have the potential to improve treatment outcome in a randomized clinical trial of evidence-based anxiety treatment versus usual care and can facilitate personalization of treatment content to aid in broad dissemination of digital treatments that are tailored to the individual patient.  



    Contact: jennifer lass

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