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  • 3/29/2018
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
    InsideOut of the Lunchbox - Nashville Opera's Susannah

      Set in rural Tennessee and rooted in Appalachian music, the opera tells the story of a young beauty intimidated and betrayed by narrow-minded townspeople. Jealousy leads to rumors, which leads to assault - giving Susannah no choice, but to defend herself.

    The opera was composed at the height of McCarthyism, premiering in 1955, and serves as a metaphor for paranoia and its dangerous repercussions. Cast members will perform selections of the beautiful and haunting songs, and panelists will discuss the themes of the opera and how they relate to our society today.

    This event will contain adult themes and mature conversation.

    RESERVATIONS REQUIRED:  You must register to receive a complimentary lunch.  Box lunches will be provided for the first 300 people to respond.  REGISTER ONLINE

    Lunch is served at 11:30am, Program is noon - 1:00pm.

    Cash donations will be accepted at the door.  Proceeds collected at this luncheon will be donated to Nashville Opera's Education Department.


    Nashville Public Library

    Music City Central

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    Contact: Chandra Allison

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