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  • 2/8/2013
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Institute of Imaging Science town hall meeting: H. Charles Manning

    Faculty, fellows, students and staff who are users of the Research Radiochemistry Core are invited to participate in an upcoming town hall meeting, Feb. 8, 2013, from 3 to 4 p.m. in 512 Light Hall. All interested VUMC investigators are encouraged to attend.

    The newly renovated radiochemistry facility, housed in the PET Center within the Robinson Research Building, is well-equipped for radiopharmaceutical preparations suitable for human or animal use.

    The core makes use of Vanderbilt's GE 130 uA PETtrace cyclotron, with targets and ancillary equipment optimized for generating 18F, 11C, 13N, and related radionuclides on a routine basis. In addition to the cyclotron-produced isotopes, the radiochemistry core offers access to a variety of non-cyclotron produced isotopes for PET and SPECT imaging through a collaboration with the Vanderbilt's Radiopharmacy, which include 68Ga, 99mTc, and 123I among others. Visit - Click Here for more details.

    The agenda for this town hall meeting will include an update and overview of core operations, challenges and service offerings presented by H. Charles Manning, Ph.D., the scientific director. It will also provide an opportunity for the research community to offer feedback about current status of this important resource.

    For more information about this meeting, please contact Susan Meyn in the VUMC Office of Research - Click Here at - Click Here or 322-0470.

    Contact: Susan Meyn

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