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The Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center for Accelerated Probe Development was established as a member of the Molecular Libraries Probe Production Centers Network (MLPCN) initiated and supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Molecular Libraries Roadmap.

The Center is housed within the newly constructed Medical Research Building IV (MRBIV), which also houses the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery, and consists of three cores (Synthetic/Medicinal Chemistry, Cheminformatics and Administration).   The mission of the Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center for Accelerated Probe Development is to develop small molecule probes with exceptional potency and selectivity to explore molecular targets where no previous small molecule tools existed. Through this unique Roadmap mechanism (RO3), researchers can identify small molecule compounds to be used as probes for exploring the functions of genes and pathways in health and disease at the molecular, cellular and in vivo levels. Screening data generated by the MLPCN is deposited in a public database called PubChem which also provides cheminformatics data mining tools.

Craig W. Lindsley, Director


Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center For Accelerated Probe Development

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

2213 Garland Avenue

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