BioVU Translation Project

BioVU Translation Project

BioVU is Vanderbilt’s de-identified DNA data bank. Each DNA sample links to its matching de-identified medical record. This allows researchers to find links between gene changes and diseases. It can also help them figure out how gene changes affect how individuals respond to a prescribed drug.


.Blood Vials

DNA for BioVU comes from leftover blood from lab tests. To save the DNA, BioVU needs the patient’s consent. Our goal is to help patients understand how their DNA might help improve health care in the future. The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) works with the researchers to explain how they use the DNA in language the reader can understand. We describe the medical condition and how genetic changes may factor in. We do this for every research project that uses BioVU.

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It is important to us to make sure the science and medicine are correct in what we write. We also want to make sure anyone who wants to read about the research can understand. The BioVU team sends CKM's translated version to the researchers for review. They make any changes and send it back to us. We add their changes while keeping it easy to read. When the researchers give their approval, the BioVU team uploads it to their website.

Our goal is to work with the researchers and explain what they do to the reader in language they can understand.

To see all of the research, please visit BioVU. If you are a researcher seeking assistance or training in translating information for patients, please visit our services and training pages on the sidebar.