CKM Consultations & Training

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) offers consultations and training services to support patient care, research, education, and hospital administration for the VU/VUMC communities.  Consultations may include ongoing in-depth assistance based on users' specific needs.  Training is available for individuals and groups for selected topics.  To request consultations or training from the Center for Knowledge Management, click here.  CKM can conduct sessions online via web conference.


CKM Consultations & Training Objective Primary Course Director(s) Credentials Frequency

Systematic Reviews

Consultation to guide the step-by-step process of conducting systematic reviews

To gain an in-depth, practical understanding of the systematic review process, including: differentiation between systematic reviews and exhaustive literature searches, protocol development, scope and structure of systematic reviews, search documentation and best practices, risk of bias and quality assessments, etc. Sheila Kusnoor, PhD
Elizabeth Frakes, MS
By Appointment &
Office Hours Tuesday 2-4pm

Precision Medicine

Consultation and personalized training to address precision medicine information needs

To increase a participant’s competency in precision medicine concepts (e.g. functional consequences of clinical mutations, pharmacogenomics) and the use of biochemical, structural and genetic resources through an improved ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively utilize precision medicine, biochemical, structural and genetic databases and tools.  Helen Naylor, MS
By Appointment &
Office Hours Tuesday 2-4pm

Publishing Industry and Government Research Policies

Consultation on publisher selection and compliance with government research policies as they apply to publishing and information sharing

Government agencies are continuously refining and creating new requirements for supported research. Individuals will become familiar with the responsibilities of investigators (e.g. clinical trial reporting requirements, conflict of interest disclosures) and study personnel, and the possible implications for the broader institution. 

Consultations will also guide authors in the selection of best publishing venues, with special attention given to: criteria for selection of journals for publication, author requirements for open access journals, and predatory journal awareness.

Marcia Epelbaum, MA
By Appointment &
Office Hours Thursday 2-4pm

Informed Consent

Consultation to guide the development of easy-to-read and understand informed consent documents; patient-specific consent documents may require additional consultation with the CKM health and genetic literacy team 

To equip individuals with the strategies and tools necessary to create effective informed consent documentation for research activities that meet regulatory requirements.  Individuals will learn how to implement best practices for clear communication appropriate to the study population.  Annette Williams, MS
By Appointment &
Office Hours Thursday 2-4pm

Health & Genetic Literacy

Service provided through ongoing consultation and training 

To gain familiarity with a wide range of Health Literacy topics, including, but not limited to: current state of health literacy; available resources and tools such as readability formulas and clear communication style development guides; methods to create patient friendly material for individuals with a variety of learning styles; numeracy; and issues of genetic literacy.

Taneya Koonce, MPH
Helen Naylor, MS

By Appointment &
Office Hours Wednesday 10-12pm

Grey Literature

Instructional workshops and consultations customized to support informational needs

To learn strategies for the identification, retrieval, selection, and assessment of grey literature (white papers, raw data, statistics, registries, regulations, standards, and guidelines created by professional organizations, governmental agencies, advocate organizations, and drug and device companies).  These sources are not aggregated or indexed by traditional bibliographic databases (e.g. PubMed, Web of Science).     Patricia Lee, MLS
By Appointment
Office Hours Wednesday 2-4pm

Train the Trainer

Service provided through ongoing consultation and final validation of teaching skills and competencies

To prepare participants to become instructors that present information effectively responding to participants’ instructional needs. Trainees learn to engage learners by using appropriate methodology, body language, showing knowledge and enthusiasm for covered material, speaking in a clear voice, and providing an environment conducive to learning. Insight will be given on learning styles.  Marcia Epelbaum, MA
By Appointment &
Office Hours Wednesday 2-4pm

Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature

Service provided through training and consultation, including ongoing regularly supported services

Participants will gain an understanding of: basic concepts of evidence-based medicine, including characteristics of various study designs and strengths and weaknesses of these research types; approaches to critically assessing evidence-based products; the proper technique for filtering biomedical information, including tailoring results to the clinical context, critically assessing the literature, and selecting and synthesizing key relevant items..

Elizabeth Frakes, MS

Patricia Lee, MLS

By Appointment &
Office Hours Monday 2-4pm

ORCiD (Open Research and Contributor ID registry)

Instruction on establishing and populating an ORCiD profile as a unique identifier for authors and grant writers.


Publishers and grant awarding organizations are increasingly integrating author/grant writer ORCiD identifiers in manuscript submission and grant application workflows to aid with author name disambiguation.  The purpose of this consultation is to equip individuals with the skills and instruction needed to establish their ORCiD profile, leveraging when possible, MyNCBI's My Bibliography listing included in SciENcv biosketches.  Instruction is also available to transfer information from an existing ORCiD profile to SciENcv.  

Training Materials:

Annette Williams, MLS

Elizabeth Frakes, MS

By Appointment &
Office Hours Thursday 2-4pm


*Ongoing consultation is here defined as the sequence of steps necessary to obtain the needed competencies in a specific area of information science.