Evidence-Based Services - Diagnostic Management Teams

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) information scientists partner with Diagnostic Management Teams (DMTs) during rounds and through electronic messaging tools, to deliver just-in-time, patient-specific information for effective clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice. Using their expertise in pharmacogenetics, biomedical sciences, and clinical research, CKM information scientists provide expert search support and critically appraised, synthesized literature summaries in response to complex questions received from the DMTs. Filtered evidence packets include all viewpoints reported in the literature related to a particular question in concise, informative summaries. For more straightforward queries, CKM information scientists advise on resource selection and search strategy development, training clinicians on the effective use of VUMC's array of digital resources.

The Diagnostic Management Team Database is a searchable, electronic database of all complex clinical questions received from the DMTs. It houses evidence syntheses answering the questions, and expert searches addressing identified topical information needs. Search strategies developed by information scientists return immediate, dynamic updates of current evidence from literature, genetics, and medical information resources. Thus, the DMT database provides ready access to literature syntheses and evidence from expert searches for use by DMT members.