Evidence-Based Services - Outpatient Clinical Informatics Consult Service

The Outpatient Clinical Informatics Consult Service (OCICS) connects information specialists directly to the outpatient care setting, where they provide just-in-time, patient-specific information when and where it is needed for effective clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice.

OCICS information specialists provide searching and synthesis of the literature in response to the more complex questions from outpatient clinical teams. Clinical care providers submit their questions directly through StarPanel, Vanderbilt's electronic medical record system, where a comprehensive view of each case is available. Information specialists synthesize all of the viewpoints reported in the literature related to a particular question, developing a concise, informative summary, which is delivered through StarPanel and can be saved to the patient's medical record.

For relatively quick, straightforward queries, OCICS information specialists provide resource selection and search strategy assistance tailored to the clinical case, training clinicians to quickly meet basic information needs using VUMC's wealth of electronic resources.

Our information specialists also work with a number of inpatient/critical care clinics via the Clinical Informatics Consult Service.

Outpatient Clinical Informatics Consult Service Site

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To capture the expertise, time, and effort information specialists put into these activities, the OCICS program incorporates the ongoing creation of a searchable electronic database of all complex clinical questions information specialists receive. Their answers for the questions, along with the filtered references and written summaries, are entered into the OCICS Site. Information specialists' search strategies for each question are linked to an update button that connects directly to PubMed results for that strategy, providing a quick update on the topic. Question records are also updated by the information specialist periodically to ensure that the most current and relevant viewpoints in the medical literature are represented.

For more information about the OCICS program, please contact Zachary Fox.