Evidence-Based Services - Order Set Support

Working with EBM specialists who coordinate multidisciplinary order set teams, the Center for Knowledge Management information scientists support the Medical Center's creation and revision of inpatient order sets (point-of-care actions, or orderables usually grouped around a specific procedure) by providing synthesized filtered evidence packets in response to order set revision teams' complex questions. While similar to the synthesized evidence provided to clinicians via the Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) and the Outpatient Informatics Consult Service (OCICS), order set support embeds evidence into the institution's health care practices on a broader scale, directly into the Computerized Physician Order Entry System (CPOE) for use at the bedside for specific patient populations.

The Pathway/Order Set Literature Locator is an online archival repository of completed evidence packets supporting both nursing pathways (multidisciplinary plan of care around specific patient populations) as well as clinician-oriented order sets.