Evidence-Based Services - EBM Resources

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) provides access to a broad combination of internal, publicly available and proprietary evidence-based electronic databases and journals. These include our in-house knowledge management repositories of clinical evidence summaries, point-of-care resources, EBM-focused journals, and sources of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

In-House Evidence Support Tools

  • Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) Evidence Based Site - The Evidence Based Site is a searchable database of complex questions received by Clinical Informatics Consult Service information specialists rounding with VUMC clinical teams. Information specialists provide searching and synthesis of the literature in response to complex clinical queries from team members in areas such as the MICU, NICU, PICU, Trauma ICU, Breast Cancer Tumor Board, and Emergency Medicine.
  • Pathway/Order Set Literature Locator - Within this searchable database CKM information scientists¬†provide literature syntheses and expert search statements to evidence-based medicine databases to support the creation and maintenance of VUMC clinical pathways and order sets.
  • Outpatient Clinical Informatics Consult Service (OCICS) Site - The Outpatient Clinical Informatics Consult Service (OCICS) database contains summaries of evidence from the biomedical literature for patient-specific, complex clinical questions posed by physicians in outpatient clinics at VUMC, including primary care, Heart Institute and diabetes clinics.

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Additional Resources

Some popular point-of-care and EBM resources provided through CKM subscriptions include: