My Southern Health

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) information scientists partner with the editorial board for Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s healthy lifestyle website, My Southern Health, to provide evidence-based consumer health information to the general public.  The Center for Knowledge Management understands the community’s needs for holistic wellness services and works with the My Southern Health team to provide current, vetted biomedical evidence to support and enrich their publications.   The information scientists at CKM receive the list of topics of forthcoming articles in advance of publication, allowing the team sufficient time to prepare thorough evidence based resources for each article. CKM information scientists play an integral role in ensuring the accuracy and currency of My Southern Health content through the use of their skills in biomedical literature searching, biomedical areas of expertise, and ability to assess and synthesize the most up to date and highest level of biomedical information available.  While My Southern Health is not intended as medical advice and should not replace medical providers’ recommendations and expert care, the evidence-based resources offer its readership a trustworthy source for health and lifestyle information.  Areas of interest in the My Southern Health website include Family, Food, Wellness, Conditions, and Breakthroughs.

The following are examples of articles for which the KM team was consulted and provided evidence-based resoureces: