Blasingame, Mallory

Mallory Blasingame, M.A.

(615) 936-1363
3401 West End Ave., Suite 304 C5

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Job Title:

  • Information Scientist


Center for Knowledge Management

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Published Works:

  • Kusnoor SK, Koonce TY, Hurley ST, McClellan KM, Blasingame MN, Frakes ET, Huang LC, Epelbaum¬† MI, Giuse NB. Collection of Social Determinants of Health in the Community Clinic Setting: A Cross-Sectional Study. BMC Public Health. 2018 Apr;18:550.

  • Giuse NB, Kusnoor SV, Koonce TY, Naylor HM, Chen SC, Blasingame MN, Anderson IA, Micheel CM, Levy MA, Ye F, Lovly CM. Guiding Oncology Patients Through the Maze of Precision Medicine. J Health Commun. 2016;21 Suppl:5-17.¬†

  • Fox, ZE, Frakes ET, Su J, Blasingame MN, Epelbaum M, DesAutels SJ, Kou Q, Williams AM, Giuse NB. Applying Knowledge Management Best-Practices to Capture, Support, and Archive Systems-Embedded Clinical Decision Support Evidence. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, May 2017.

  • Naylor HM, Kusnoor SV, Micheel CM, Anderson IA, Lee P, Blasingame M, Clark JD, Levy MA, Lovly CM, Koonce TY, Giuse NB. (2015). Using Health Literacy and Learning Styles to Guide Patients through the Maze of Precision Medicine. Personalized Medicine Day, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, May 2015. (poster)