Translational Architecture

Given its unique skills for data capturing, organization and presentation for reuse, the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) Team has been asked to initiate a collaborative effort toward the creation of a translational architecture tool designed to help translate VUMC discovery into action on a global scale.  CKM Information Scientists are capturing knowledge from VUMC Innovation Project stakeholders so that this collective intelligence, once gathered, can be subsequently shared by all, thus making VUMC research teams more effective as they learn from the experiences of others.  The ultimate goal is to create an architecture that will capture knowledge around innovation projects and facilitate reuse by dynamically establishing how to best record and knowledge-manage successful processes and the people that lead and champion them. 

Largely dictated by a need to quickly learn and improve institutional processes, the translational architecture will provide quick access to all elements of its compiled organizational knowledge. The final product will ideally have a 3-dimensional, multimodal view of the data collected, thus allowing users to quickly explore its multi-faceted intelligent connections. Once completed, this tool will contain a variety of data and key information, including details on lessons learned, recommendations and pointers to a wide variety of key VUMC research projects, access to project champions, and details from both VUMC and non-VUMC stakeholders (e.g. patient advocacy groups).

The CKM team is currently making strides toward this goal by continuing  its efforts to capture key knowledge around VUMC’s Innovation Projects.  Drawing on experience gained via meetings with innovation project champions, the team will continue its compilation of organizational knowledge to identify further relevant nodes/functionalities and complete the population of the matrix/database.  Other key deliverables will be establishing ongoing updates (of the project-specific information and of the functionalities/nodes) and equipping the tool with a mechanism for quickly generating examples of successes and lessons learned.


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