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Who We Are

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Fueled by VUMC’s transformative programs, discoveries, and learning health systems, CKM proactively engages in the collection, translation, and curation of external and internal knowledge and data, to best inform and document the decision processes of the organization.

The purpose of the Center for Knowledge Management (CKM), led by Dr. Nunzia Bettinsoli Giuse, Vice President for Knowledge Management, is to extract and share new knowledge by capturing, managing, and transforming external and internal, hard and experiential data into a reusable format.

CKM scientists possess an in-depth understanding of sound practices in knowledge management, spanning a wide-array of disciplines from knowledge mining, content filtering, information seeking, and data organization. Leveraging these abilities, CKM professionals extract tacit knowledge residing within medical center personnel and systems, elicit the subjective insight of experts, and curate explicit knowledge.

CKM creates new products and services for wide-scale information reuse which increase immediate and long-term institutional effectiveness. CKM facilitates a collaborative environment which cuts across the cognitive diversity and wealth of expertise of the institution, actively contributing its knowledge as one of the key sources of competitive advantage for the organization and the community at large (e.g., social and behavioral determinants of health/population health informatics).

See the Synopsis for Grant Writers for further details about the Center.

Recent Publications/Presentations

  • Koonce TY, Kusnoor SK, Hurley ST, McClellan KM, Giuse NB. Combining social and behavioral determinants of health questionnaires to inform precision medicine in a community health center clinic. American Medical Informatics Fall Symposium November 2017.

  • Fox, ZE, Frakes ET, Su J, Blasingame MN, Epelbaum M, DesAutels J, Kou Q, Williams AM, Giuse NB. Applying Knowledge Management Best-Practices to Capture, Support, and Archive Systems-Embedded Clinical Decision Support Evidence. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, May 2017.