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Due to declining demand, the old paper-based mailing list database, which was divided into groups A, B, C, etc., has been discontinued.  Distribution is now electronic instead.

For items which need to be brought to the attention of a wide audience, we suggest making use of the myVUMC newsletter which is automatically send to all e-mail users.  To submit or suggest an item for inclusion, please e-mail:

Other Mailing Information You May Find Helpful

Faculty Data

School of Medicine faculty addresses for paper mail may be made available for legitimate purposes within the University. Please direct your request to:

Office of Faculty & Academic Administrative Affairs
320 Light Hall (0260)
ext. 2-2165

Distributing Flyers

If you just need to distribute a flyer or other informational paper piece to all the medical center departments, you do not need to individually address these.  There is a simple, cost-free way to do this called the Please Post method. To see how, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section here.