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POST OFFICE STATION 17 Address Request
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Please complete the following to initiate the process of your address request.
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A brand NEW department created from scratch?
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If a MOVE or SPLIT:  

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If NEW or SPLIT, enter below the name under which the new activity will operate:
(This cannot duplicate any existing department name. If needed, we will consult further after receiving your request.)

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When should mail
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NOTE: Construction & other delays may cause this date to slip. We will work with you as needed.  However, please be aware that the above date should be set no sooner than TEN DAYS from the submission date of this form, in order to allow adequate processing time.

Will there be pneumatic tube service in the new location?
  YES, at station #: NO
  YES, but do not yet know station # NOT SURE

The area below provides space for any comments or additional information you feel may be helpful in processing your request. 

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