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Nursing Support





Vanderbilt’s Clinical Research Center is a core resource within VICTR (Vanderbilt Institute of Clinical and Translational Research) that provides clinical research infrastructure for investigators conducting research with human subjects. 

VICTR-CRC has dedicated clinical nurses specially trained in the unique processes and procedures necessary in conducting a clinical research study.  The VICTR-CRC nurses are committed to subject safety and adherence to protocols while providing excellent nursing care. They are experienced registered nurses with background in a variety of specialties such as ambulatory care, intensive care, telemetry, women health, pediatrics, gerontology and medical-surgical care. All RNs are ACLS certified and have completed a two day oncology/chemotherapy workshop.  Some hold national certification in research or have advanced through Vanderbilt’s internal clinical ladder. During the three month orientation staff receives training in Human Subjects Protection, HIPPA, Good Clinical Practice, complete Citi-Research modules and work in tandem with designated specially educated preceptors.  VICTR-CRC nurses participate in hospital wide committees, contribute to ongoing education, and are recognized within the institution for their knowledge and clinical expertise.

To assure studies are conducted to protocol specification, it is imperative for investigators to meet with VICTR-CRC nursing staff to address study schedules and procedures.  Initiation meetings provide the opportunity to meet the research team, discuss research goal/purpose, review the order set, appropriate regulatory documents and implement initial development of study flow sheet/source document and ensure that nursing personnel are familiar with or trained in study procedures.

The main clinical inpatient out-patient facility is located on the 3rd floor in Medical Center North and consists of 10 designated in-patient beds, examination rooms, Metabolic Chamber, DEXA and BodPod, sample processing space, exercise equipment, sleep core and 4 channel telemetry.  Equipment necessary to manage clinical emergencies, including standardized crash cart and defibrillator, are available on the unit and Vanderbilt’s code team responds if needed.
A pediatric satellite unit housed on the 9th floor Doctors Office Building of Children’s Hospital is available for outpatient studies, assessments, infusion of investigational agents, psychological testing and surveys.

Specialized equipment available in MCN CRC includes: infusion pumps (Alaris and syringe), automatic blood pressure monitors with SpO2, manual sphygmomanometer, telemetry, 12-lead EKG machines, portable scales and standing stadiometer. Supply carts are set up for specific procedures like bronchoscopy and muscle biopsy.


Nursing Services


In an attempt to best understand what resources your protocol requires, tick the category of nursing service needed.  If you cannot find your requirement listed, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

* Anthropometric/Body measurements
* Bronchoscopy, set-up, assist with and recover subject
* Glucose tolerance testing
* Infusion of investigational or toxic agents ( chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies)
* Intensive /complex PK-PD or Insulin clamp studies
* IV medication administration –non-chemo  iv pump or syringe pump
* Lab processing-simple few routine tubes, basic processing
* Lab processing-complex large volume or complex processing
* Lab processing-moderate # of tubes or sample hand-delivered to lab
* Lumbar puncture- set-up, assist with
* Medication distribution
* Muscle biopsy, set-up assist with
* Other biological specimen collection, processing, storage
* PK studies-frequent time points, more complex
* PK studies-routine time points, less complex
* Plasma/serum storage
* Phlebotomy, single blood draw minimal or no processing
* PO, SQ tropical or IM medication administration
* Pregnancy testing, serum or urine
* Urine collection, spot, 24 hr aliquots
* Vital signs-simple
* Vital signs-complex orthostatic

To discuss your protocol contact nursing manager Lana Howard, BSN, RN CCRP at lana.howard@vanderbilt.edu.


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