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Learn about poster printing

Scientific Poster Printing

The CRC poster printing services are available to researchers who were awarded VICTR Resources. The CRC poster printing service is located in 2525 West End Avenue, Suite 600.

Posters should be submitted in their finalized form by email to victrposters@vumc.org. To be eligible for the VICTR poster printing service, your printing request must be submitted at least 48 hours (2 business days) in advance of when the poster is needed to ensure your request can be fulfilled. Posters will be ready for pick-up two business days after submission. Please allow additional time prior to large conferences (up to 4 days).

  • We support both PC and Mac platforms. Templates should be submitted in either PowerPoint or Adobe formats.
  • We print a handout of your poster in color. This sample can be no longer or wider than 21" and is limited to one sample print per poster.
  • Poster Printing Materials:
    • Canon Glossy Photo size paper 36" and 42"
    • Poster Tube sizes are 36" and 42"

Poster Templates Available

36 x 4236 x 72
42 x 42
56 x 42
60 x 42
72 x 42
84 x 42
96 x 42

Poster Size Tips

  • Maximum size: 42" x 96" (Longer prints can be done upon approval)
  • Poster most common size is 42" x 72", though specific dimension may be required by the meeting guidelines.
  • For posters within 42" x 56", the poster size should be the same as the original.
  • For posters where the length, either height or width, is over 56" the poster size should be set to 50%. Example:
    Original Size Working Size
    42" x 56" 42" x 56"
    42" x 60" 21" x 30"

If you have not been awarded VICTR resources but are in need of scientific poster printing services, please contact the VU BRET Office.