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Clinical Research Center Costs

Beginning June 1, 2017, the CRC changed to a subsidized fee-for-service model subject to indirect costs. In the new CTSA project period, a limited amount of CTSA funding is allowed for CRC resources in small pilot studies; however, investigator-initiated sponsored studies (federal, foundation, etc.) should begin including the subsidized CRC fees in your study budget. Industry-sponsored should budget the full rate.

Rates are billed based on time reserved on the unit with a minimum of one hour charged.

CRC Fee Structure

FY19 Clinical Research Center Rate Structure (7/1/2018 - 6/30/2019)

Core Services Full Rate1 Subsidized Rate2
Adult CRC Facility $100/hr $25/hr - PI charge ($75/hr - VICTR paid)
Pediatric CRC Facility $100/hr $25/hr - PI charge ($75/hr - VICTR paid)

1 Commercial-Initiated
2 PI-initiated studies including federal (75% discount)

For future planning, the subsidy rate is estimated to increase to $35/hr on July 1, 2019.

FY20 Clinical Research Center Rate Structure (7/1/2019 - 6/30/2020)

Core Services Full Rate Subsidized Rate
Adult CRC Facility $100/hr $35/hr - PI charge ($65/hr - VICTR paid)
Pediatric CRC Facility $100/hr $35/hr - PI charge ($65/hr - VICTR paid)
  (FY20 rates TBD) (FY20 estimated rate)

Please note: all VUMC CORES pricing is provided for budgetary purposes. Vanderbilt Office of Research CORES rates are reviewed annually and subject to change. Investigators will be billed at the actual rates in effect at the time that the work is performed, and in accordance with the actual amount of work performed.

Obtain a CRC Core Quote

  1. Click on the appropriate CRC Core Quote Request for Investigator-Initiated Study or Industry-Sponsored Study
  2. Fill out quote request and email to CRCQuoteRequest@vumc.org and include you schedule of events for review.
  3. Quote request will include a box to inform us of the type of meal you will need for each visit. Outpatient VUH Boxed Meals or Inpatient VUH Trays are included in the standard price for these regular meals needed. Please keep in mind that Inpatient VUH Meals are delivered at 0800-1200-1700 and if you have needs for your participant to eat at other times due to protocol timing, then you will need to request VNDAC meals. VNDAC core can provide meals at any specific study time points as well as provide specialized nutrient control meals as required for the study protocol. VNDAC meals will require a quote from Heidi Silver, PH.D. at Diet, Body Composition, and Human Metabolism Core under Forms and Policies.
  4. Quote request will also include a box to list any medications needed from our electronic medication dispensing machine (AcuDose). These items are not included in the standard price and will need to be a part of your eStar billing plan to get the appropriate cost, however we do want to be aware of the need to be sure we stock the appropriate medications needed.
  5. Please Allow 7 business days to finalize your quote and then upload into your StarBRITE application.