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About the Library - Access

As a division of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library system, the Eskind Biomedical Library (EBL) extends access and borrowing privileges to all Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and students; their spouses and domestic partners; and Vanderbilt alumni, emeriti, and retirees. Access only privileges are extended to dependent children of faculty and staff, parents of current students, users from libraries in the Nashville Area Library Alliance, and faculty from institutions of higher learning.

The table below describes physical access to the library only; see our Remote Access page for information on accessing electronic subscriptions from outside the library/Medical Center campus. We are unable to provide remote access to our subscription electronic resources to any Vanderbilt alumni or other affiliated groups due to restrictions enforced by our subscription providers.

A detailed description of the access policies for the Heard Library system is available for those interested in learning more. In addition to these system-wide policies, the Eskind Biomedical Library recognizes several categories of users eligible for library privileges:

Visitor Category Access Borrowing
EBL Authorized Users X X

Includes Canby Robinson Society members, Medical Technology Program alumni, Nashville Academy of Medicine members, and Tennessee Department of Health personnel. Complete form at EBL for authorization to obtain a card at the VUMC Card Office.

Fisk University Students X  

Fisk students are granted access through the Cooperative Library Agreement between Fisk and Vanderbilt by checking out a Vanderbilt library access card from the Fisk library. EBL materials may be requested via Fisk interlibrary loan through ATHENA

Former Vanderbilt University House Officers X X

Obtain ID card from the University Card Office.

Meharry X X*

Must present Meharry ID and sign in.

*Headphones and limited study rooms only - see policy

Non-Vanderbilt Medical Students X  

Present school ID. Short-term access only.

Non-Vanderbilt Physicians X  X*

*Joining the Physicians Liaison Program provides borrowing privileges. For information, contact Emily Duvall at 936-6500.

Patients and Patient Family X  

Signed in electronically by staff at the front desk. Patients and family are encouraged to ask staff any questions that they may have.

Proxy Cards X X

Vanderbilt faculty may complete a borrowing authorization form at EBL designating a person as a library proxy; this will allow the individual to borrow library materials for the faculty member.

Purchase Cards X  

Non-affililiated individuals that do not qualify for special library privileges may purchase one of two access cards at the front desk (must present photo ID at time of transaction):

  • 4 Day: $15; access to EBL only.
  • Monthly: $20 per month; access to EBL only.
Sponsored Cards X  X*

Faculty members (excluding clinical faculty) may request short-term access (no longer than six months) for a non-affiliated individual. Requests must be made in letter form on Vanderbilt departmental letterhead describing the reasons for the requested privileges.

*To be granted borrowing privileges, the faculty member must state that he or she will take responsibility for any unreturned or damaged materials and charges.

Veterans Affairs X  

Includes staff, residents, and pharmacy students - purchase monthly or 4-day access card at EBL front desk.