The Eskind Biomedical Library has a new website; please visit us there. This website will retire on 08/31/16.

About the Library - Desktop Computers

The public workstations on the first floor of the library are available for quick look up and in-depth searching of information. Eight of these, our Microsoft Office workstations, are configured with the Microsoft Office suite.

The library has investigated the possibility of adding Microsoft Office applications to all of the public workstations (maintained by the VUIT Clinical Workstation Support team). At this time, adding such applications is not feasible as the CWS team does not provide support for the Office suite. Patrons can use online programs with features similar to Microsoft Office, such as those offered by Google Docs, Zoho, or Adobe Buzzword. These web-based applications offer a variety of functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications.

The computer workstations at Eskind Biomedical Library are configured to provide ready access to the EBL's electronic subscriptions, Acorn (the Vanderbilt University library catalog), and other electronic resources. To access a Web-based resource, click on the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome icon on any desktop machine which will then display the VUMC homepage; you'll find a link to the EBL Digital Library listed near the bottom of the page. For the Microsoft Office workstations, all browsers have the Digital Library as their homepage.

Printing services are available for all computers. The printers are all located in the computing area on the first floor.

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