About the Library - Remote Access

To have remote access to all available online subscription resources in the Eskind Digital Library, you must obtain a valid VUnetID.

VUnet IDs are issued to individuals who have a direct faculty, student, or work role with Vanderbilt. The licenses for our electronic library resources restrict use to such individuals. Others may use the resources only if they are physically on the campus. We are unable to provide remote access to our subscription electronic resources to any Vanderbilt alumni or other affiliated groups due to restrictions enforced by our subscription providers. The VUnet IDs and passwords issued to alumni are not valid for remote access to subscription resources.

If an individual from such a group has a working relationship with Vanderbilt, the department they are working with can request a VUnet ID from ITS for the duration of their work relationship.

To access the Digital Library from off campus, look for the login button and click to log in with your valid VUnet ID and password. Most subscription resources (including journals) are available remotely.

Instructions for VPN Users

Users of the VPN may have experienced trouble accessing electronic resources (journals, books, etc.) from off-campus when trying to access the resources through their own bookmarks. The VUIT Information Security Team has provided the following information to help resolve these issues:

If you access library research material via the Enterprise VPN when off campus, your machine may need to have a Vanderbilt IP Address to facilitate access. Please submit a help desk ticket to Network Security Support requesting that your VUNet ID be added to the VUIT_No_Tunneling Active Directory group. This will alleviate potential issues encountered when attempting to access research journals that do not reside within the Vanderbilt University network. If you do not access library research items remotely, no action is needed.

Additional details are provided by IT.

It is not necessary to use the VPN to access electronic resources from off-campus. If you have a valid VUnet ID and password, you can log in through the Digital Library and access resources remotely as though you were on-campus – look for the yellow login button (circled in the image above) that will only appear when you are outside the Vanderbilt network.

After you have logged in, simply search the Digital Library for the name of the book, journal, database, or website you would like to access. Learn more about searching and browsing the digital library from the online help, or request additional training.