Library Internship Program - Training

The Library Intern is expected to participate in extensive training. The intern is surrounded by opportunities to further their interests and skills. Training typically includes:

  • Audit classes in the Vanderbilt School of Nursing and the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.
  • Attend Medical Informatics seminars, Medical Grand Rounds, and Clinical Pathology Conferences.
  • Attend CRC Research Skills Workshops.
  • SearchTalk and Filtering Teaching Conference (FTC)
    These regular biweekly and monthly sessions are discussion groups for exploring new resources, establishing gold standard search strategies for selected clinical questions, exercising literature filtering skills, and recognizing quality literature.
  • Complete the library's extensive in-house staff training program.
    • "Creating an institutional culture of lifelong learning for employees at all levels is part of EBL's strategic effort to increase the library's visibility and impact throughout the medical center." (Giuse et al. 1999)
    • From the library's 50 in-house modules, a training program is designed to orient the intern to Eskind and build the intern's skills.
  • Participate in the Molecular Biology for the Information Scientist, a 14 week in-house program
  • Verification
    • In-house training is culminated with six verification sessions. In front of peer groups and/or physicians, public service skills for interview and customer service combined with the ability to manipulate the library catalog, search the health literature, as well as present clinical summary packets to physicians are verified.