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Services - Digital Library Help


The Digital Library provides access to online resources selected for Vanderbilt's biomedical community and reviewed by library staff members, including those provided through library subscriptions and freely available online tools. These include peer-reviewed journals, citation databases, specialized databases such as those providing information about genetics and molecular biology and other topics, online textbooks, links to government resources and data sources, sources of images for use in presentations, tools for research and education, and many others.

The Digital Library also includes resources related to the history of Medicine and the history of VUMC, as well as finding aids for manuscripts collections, the VUMC Archives, and other archival collections curated by the Eskind Biomedical Library.

See the guide below for basic tips for Digital Library use. You may also contact us for further assistance.

Basic/Keyword Search

The default search will look for your search terms in the title. If you know what resource you are looking for, begin entering it in the search box - an autocomplete feature will suggest resources to you; click on the correct one or finish entering a title manually and click Search. Title searches can include journal title abbreviations. For example, a title search for aids clin care will return the record for and link to the journal "AIDS Clinical Care."

Uncheck the "restrict to title" box to search the title, description, keywords, subjects, and other terms. For example, see these results for a keyword search for eating disorders.

Advanced Search

The advanced search provides more options for finding appropriate resources when you don't already know a specific title, by combining keywords, subjects and formats. For example, it could be used to find online books on adolescent health.


Use the browse features to explore lists of available resources by type or subject.

The Icons

More Information Icon - click on this for more information about any resource, including descriptions and mobile device details
Vanderbilt Personnel Only Icon - items with this icon are available only to current Vanderbilt University personnel
VUMC Personnel Only Icon - items with this icon are available only to current Vanderbilt University Medical Center personnel
No Remote Acess Icon - items with this icon are not available for remote access; all other resources can be accessed remotedly with a valid VUnet ID and password
Special Collections Icon - items with this icon are Special Collections materials, such as finding aids for the VUMC archives
Knowledge Management Resource Icon - items with this icon are Knowledge Management resources, such as UpToDate Clinical Reference


The records for each resource include descriptive information provided by the library staff, including date ranges (for journals), publication dates, descriptions/reviews of the resources, information on mobile access, links to Spanish-language versions where available, and more. This information is provided to help you better find resources that meet your specific learning/reading need.

Finding Resources for Mobile Devices

Use the advanced search, and check the box that says "Find resources designed for mobile devices." Click on the More Information Icon icon to learn more, such as whether downloadable guidelines, dose calculators, full resource access, or other features are available for mobile devices.

Remote Access

Most resources are available from off-campus to current Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students; see our Remote Access page for further details.

Search Acorn or PubMed

Click on the Acorn tab to do a search of Vanderbilt's university-wide catalog ("Acorn"), which includes print and online resources from all of the Vanderbilt libraries. You will be taken into the Acorn website to view your search results.

Click on the PubMed tab to do a basic keyword search of the PubMed database of biomedical literature citations. Your results will be a list of article titles; click on "More Results" at the bottom of the list to go to the PubMed site for more detail on your results and to do more powerful/detailed searches.

Finding Archival and Historical Materials

Title and keyword searches will return these materials; in the advanced search the following formats are most relevant: Archival Resource(s); Biographical Resource(s); Journal Article(s); Online Exhibit(s).

Get Help With Other Tools

For training on other resources, see our list of available sessions and request training through our online form. You may also wish to review this list of online tutorials for many resources.

Training sessions are generally free to Vanderbilt personnel; training is also available on campus and off-site to non-Vanderbilt groups for a fee.