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Archiving VUMC Records

The VUMC Archives at EBL is the official repository for inactive administrative records of long-term significance. There is no direct cost to departments, and departments maintain permanent access to their records.

Depositing Your VUMC Records in the Archives

The first step is to identify whether your records may have permanent value.

  • All Vanderbilt University and Medical Center records are governed by the Vanderbilt University Records Retention and Destruction Policies and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Records Retention and Destruction Policy. Other policies referenced on this page may be under review, so these policies should take precedence.

    For detailed information about the scope of archival records, please see OP 10-40.11 (Archiving Permanent Records).

  • Materials eligible for the Archives may include, but are not limited to:
    • Records of major academic and administrative units and their officers, including the Medical Center, its schools, academic departments, and other centers: these records may include subject files, faculty records, substantive executive correspondence, budget records, and internal committee records;
    • Formats eligible for the VUMC Archives include electronic records, paper records, audio-visual recordings, and photographic prints;
    • Minutes of major academic and administrative committees, including faculty senate, curriculum, executive, and board-level committees;
    • Reports of self-studies and accreditation visits;
    • Policies and procedures
  • Materials not eligible for the Archives include those currently in regular use by the office of origin; records already attached to a retention schedule requiring destruction (such as timesheets, invoices, and travel records—see the link above); books, journals, reprints; third-party publications; and other records not created by VUMC.

Once you suspect that your records may be permanent, please contact the VUMC Archives. We will visit your office, review the records, and pick up the boxes. See the VUMC Archival Records Deposit Agreement for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the VUMC Archives sell boxes?
No, we do not sell boxes. If you are already keeping the records in archival quality boxes, we will use those. If new, archival quality boxes are required, we will provide them at no cost.

So what do I do with my non-permanent records?
If you do not have sufficient storage for your inactive, non-permanent records, you will either need to contract either an outside records management vendor, or you can call VUMC Storage & Services at 615-936-4626.

What happened to the records we used to store with the EBL Records Center?
If your department did not move them to another records management vendor, these records were transferred to VUMC Storage & Services. Please contact them at 615-936-4626 for more information.

Who has access to our records?
VUMC archival records are restricted for a minimum of 25 years. During this period, generally only the office of origin will have access to these records. Other records may be restricted for a longer period of time. See OP 10-40.31 (Access to Archival and Historical Records Maintained by Eskind Biomedical Library Special Collections) for specific information.

Can I check files out from the Archives?
All deposits to the VUMC Archives are permanent, and archival records are non-circulating, with the occasional exception of files needing to be reactivated by the originating department. All other materials are only to be consulted in the reading room.