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Submitting a Contract: Part 1

This extensive tutorial will guide the reader through the process of creating a new contract submission in PEER, and then submitting it to the VUMC Office of Contracts Management (OCM) for review.

Log Into PEER

First we need to log into PEER. This tutorial assumes you have already found the PEER login screen via the OCM website or a bookmark in your web browser, and that you have previously logged into PEER and have a valid user profile. If this is your first time logging in, go back and read the "Logging In for the First Time" tutorial before beginning this process.

Log into PEER using your VUnetID and e-password. This is the same password you would use to access your email online or to log into your computer each day.

The Main Menu

After login-you will be brought to the main menu. The important areas of the menu with regard to this tutorial have been highlighted in above image. Note the Navigatiopn Bar buttons for Menu, My Profile, and Help. Menu will always bring you back to this main menu screen. To update your PEER user information, click on My Profile. If at any time you need help with PEER, click on Help to access tutorials, this PEER Online Guide, or submit a help ticket if you encounter a technical problem.

The Views Drop Down Menu

Next, move your mose over "Views" in the Navigation Bar. This will bring up a drop-down menu with categories Grants, Contracts, and Action Requests. These views represent lists of records, or items, that you have created/submitted in PEER. Notice the choices under "Contracts" are the same as at the bottom center of the main menu. Use the Views drop-down to quickly navigate in PEER without having to return to the main menu.

The Add Drop Down Menu

Next, hover over the "Add" button next, which will reveal another drop down menu. This menu provides quick links for adding new records in PEER. This is also a duplication of the main menu. Notice the "New Contract Submission" selection. You may click on this selection to immediately begin a new contract submission. For this tutorial, however, we're going to go about creating our submission a slightly less direct way.

The Contract Submissions View

From the Main Menu or the View drop-down menu, click on "My Submissions" under the Contracts area. This will bring you to the main Contracts Submissions view, as seen below. Notice: 1) the "new submission" button we'll use in part 2 of the tutorial, 2) the status column, which shows the status of each of your contract submissions, 3) the delete column (you can only delete submissions when they are in "draft" status), and at the bottom of the screen, just outside of view is the Legend toggle.

The Legend

Scroll down and click on the "Toggle Status Legend" Link at the bottom. This will open up a chart showing each kind of submission status, its color code, who is responsible for the submission in each status, and some descriptive notes about each state.


That's all for Part 1 of the Contracts Submission tutorial. In Part 2 we'll create a new submission and begin to populate it with our contract data.

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