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Using My Assigned Contracts to view Contract Status Information

This tutorial shows the reader how to acdess "My Assigned Contracts" in order to view the status of an assigned contract in GCM's system. An assigned contract is any contract that has been accepted through GCM's submission process (PEER) and has been assigned to a Contract Analyst. This assigned contract can have many statuses and could represent a contract in the negotiation phase, or could be a complete and active contract.

Finding "My Assigned Contracts" from the Home Menu

Once you have logged in, look for "My Assigned Contracts" under either the Faculty menu or the Administrators menu. This is also accessible from the Navigation bar under "Views."

Click on one of these links now to proceed to the My Assigned Contracts view.

Viewing your Assigned Contracts

You should now see a list of all your assigned contracts that are with GCM. This view is an import of information from GCM's internal contracts negotiation and tracking database. Your name must have been given to GCM as either PI, Dept contact or Dept secondary contact for you to access a given file on this screen. To view detailed information about a contract, click on the VUMC# link on the far left column.

General Information

On this first screen note the presence of four tabs. You may only see three, as the Financial tab is reserved for persons with special global permissions to view all contracts in the system.

This first tab gives you basic information about the contract, as well as your GCM Contract Analyst and Contract Coordinator names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Status Tab

The status tab will provide the current status of the contract. In the example above, the contract is with the external party, or sponsor, for signature. If the contract has a defined end date, it will be listed here as well under Expiration Date.

Reference Tab

The reference tab will provide IRB and Center numbers if they are available and applicable to the specific type of contract. You will also be able to identify if funds are incoming to Vanderbilt or outgoing.

Financial Tab

Should you have global access granted by GCM to see all contracts in the system, you will have a "Financial" tab. This tab provides very general information on the total dollar amount of the contract over its lifetime as well as the current dollar value of the contract in the currently active version (e.g. if we just completed an amendment, the dollar value included in that amendment would be displayed).


This is the end of the tutorial.

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