VPRAD - Level 1 - Tour - VANTAGE Core Facility

Many folks in research administration have no idea of what a core facility or shared resource is or what it looks like even though we routinely pay fees for their use. In this tour, participants will be exposed to the VANTAGE core and should gain a better understanding of what a core is, how a core operates, who the typical users of a core might be, how users are billed and how core facilities provide support for research at Vanderbilt. A little bit more about VANTAGE (from its website): VANTAGE (Vanderbilt Technologies for Advanced Genomics) is a genomics core laboratory consolidation initiated by an $8.6 million ARRA funded NIH grant award to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, with an overall goal of creating a new collaborative shared resource that accelerates discovery in genome sciences and personalized medicine, providing state-of-the art research shared resource facilities and technology. The NIH grant provided funds for complete modernization of 12,505 Net Square Feet of aging laboratory space in Medical Center North, and for new cutting edge scientific equipment now utilized by the core labs located in the newly renovated space. Renovation was completed in May 2012.

Each Level 1 participant in VPRAD must complete at least four experiential tours.

Please meet at the post office in the basement of MCN 10 minutes before that start of the tour.

A VANTAGE staff member will meet us there to begin the tour.

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