StarBRITE Billing Plan

This is a hands-on introduction to using the StarBRITE Billing Plan.

StarBRITE Billing Plan is the web-based tool used by investigators and research support staff to create a clinical trial billing plan or exemption.

All new clinical trial billing plans or exemptions must be submitted through StarBRITE Billing Plan starting July 8th, 2013.

The new StarBRITE Billing Plan has been designed to introduce time-saving features, some that you will see and others that operate behind-the-scenes, to shorten the time it takes to secure charge intention approval.

The new billing plan interacts with Price Checker, the Charge Description Master and Epic. Common items identified in Price Checker will auto-populate to allow pricing of procedures and professional fees in real time. Procedures and professional fees will autocomplete for fast, accurate data. The billing plan data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for internal department use. Another new feature is version control which will allow any user to compare changes made to the billing plan after submission.

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