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Evidence-Based Services - Vanderbilt-Reynolds Geriatrics Education Center

The EBL/Knowledge Management Team has collaborated with the Vanderbilt-Reynolds Geriatrics Education Center since the inception of the Reynolds Foundation-funded grant project by linking geriatrics-related resources into Knowledge Map, developing a geriatrics-focused digital library, and providing synthesized evidence sumamries for complex questions in geriatrics research, education, and patient care.

For Clinicians:

Visit our online hub for information and resources to support Geriatrics that have been carefully reviewed and selected by our team, including many that are freely available. The resources an be accessed via a special geriatrics subset of the Digital Library, along with an archive of clinical evidence summaries, and our Geriatrics Evidence Alerts, a periodic publication featuring new practice guidelines and safety alerts, research, and other news relevant to geriatric care. For more information, contact Marcia Epelbaum.