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Knowledge Management - Reusable Tools

Currently Supported Tools:

  • Learning Framework - based upon the Learning Paradigm created by Dr. Nunzia Giuse which promotes staff learning by reconciling personal and institutional strategies, this suite of Web-based tools brings together the evaluative, learning opportunity, and tracking mechanisms of an educational program. Tools for developing online training modules and administering and tracking quizzes related to these modules are included, as are tools for staff skills assessment (pre- and post-evaluation) evaluations. For access and instruction on module creation, please contact John Clark.
  • Additional resources housed in KM-created tools include archives of evidence summaries created in response to complex clinical questions; these are listed on our Evidence-Based Services page.

Past tools have included:

  • Training Module Shell: enabling the creation of online training modules, incorporating interactive elements such as streaming multimedia, self-assessment, quizzes, and quiz result analysis tools (now incorporated into the updated Learning Framework);
  • News Publishing Shell: a web-based tool for posting newsletters and other types of publications;
  • Directory Shell: allowing creating and management of online data in a directory format; currently used for the EBL staff directory.