Dr. Sergey Dikalov is the director of Free Radicals in Medicine Core (FRIMCORE).  He will assist you with experimental design and review different methods available for ROS detection.  Please contact Dr. Sergey Dikalov for consultations, training and data analysis.  

e-mail  Sergey.Dikalov@Vanderbilt.Edu

Dr. Anna Dikalova is responsible at FRIMCORE for analysis of vascular function and vascular oxidative stress.  She will advise on the measurements of vascular and tissue superoxide, nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide using HPLC, EPR and Amplex Red assay.  Please contact Dr. Anna Dikalova for assistance with these measurements.

e-mail  Anna.Dikalova@Vanderbilt.Edu


Dr. Rafal Nazarewicz is an expert in cellular and mitochondrial oxidative stress.  He will assist with setting up and training for measurements of peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide using fluorescent plate reader.  Please contact Dr. Rafal Nazarewicz for assistance with these measurements.

e-mail  r.nazar@Vanderbilt.Edu

Dr. Alfiya Bikineyeva is senior research specialist specializing in HPLC analysis of superoxide in cells and tissue using HPLC. She will assist with setting up and training for HPLC measurements of superoxide.   Please contact Dr. Alfiya Bikineyeva for assistance with HPLC measurements.

e-mail  alfiya.t.bikineyeva@Vanderbilt.Edu

Svetlana Trauernicht, Research Assistant, provides animal care, performs blood pressure measurements in mice, and assists with cell culture and HPLC measurements.

e-mail  svetlana.m.urbanek@Vanderbilt.Edu

We will be happy to assist you with any questions in our lab located in 558 PRB.

Address: 2200 Pierce Ave, 558 PRB, Nashville, TN 37232
e-mail Sergey.Dikalov@Vanderbilt.Edu
phone  615-322-3304; 615-936-3694
fax  615-322-4707

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