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12/11/2018: Congratulations Dr. Lindsley on being named to the National Academy of Inventors Fellows! Read about Dr. Lindsley's accomplishment here, here, here, and here| 11/27/2018: In honor of National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month, ACS Publications has published a Virtual Issue focused on the tau hypothesis of Alzheimer's Disease. In the issue there are articles, reviews, and viewpoints on the neuroscience, pharmacology, and imaging (PET) of tau pathology (e.g. hyperphosphorylation, fibrils, and tangles), as well as emerging therapeutic strategies. Check out the Virtual Issue here| 10/8/2018: The Department of Chemistry is seeking applications for a tenured faculty position at the Associate Professor level for fall 2019. Interested candidates can view more information here, or apply here| 9/24/2018: Everyone should consider checking out/attending the ACS Publications Symposium: Innovation at the Frontier of Chemistry and Life Science December 2-4, 2018 in Beijing, China. Dr. Lindsley will be presenting at one of the sessions!  | 8/27/2018: Check out the new Pharmacology Online Website| 7/23/2018: Everyone interested in drug discovery should consider attending the Pharmacology departments Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp. Find more information here| 6/4/2018: ACS Chemical Neuroscience, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry are excited to announce a Special Issue collaboration on allosteric modulation for early 2019. See full news posting for further details.  To see all the news, click here
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