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6/7/2019: Congratulations to Chris Presley for accepting a Research Specialist Sr. within the VCNDD!  | 6/7/2019: Congratulations to Kristen Gilliland-Meisenheimer for accepting a Drug Discovery Scientist I position within the VCNDD!  | 6/7/2019: Welcome new summer undergrads from the Mighty [sic] Chico State: Juan Caravez, Madison Wong and Kendall Block| 5/14/2019: Congratulations Dr. Lindsley for winning the 2019 Robert Scarborough Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry! (See announcement on the news page| 5/6/2019: Dr. Lindsley was just awarded an Adjunct Appointment as a Professor (Research) in Drug Discovery Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University| 5/1/2019: Check the news page for a couple pictures from Dr. Lindsley's NAI Induction Ceremony!  | 4/18/2019: Dr. Lindsley's (and all the other 2018 NAI Fellows) name was officially read into the Congressional Record by Hon. Michael T. McCaul of Texas on Monday, April 15, 2019!  To see all the news, click here 
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