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10/30/2018: Congratulations to Jordan O'Neill on his promotion to Research Assistant II!  | 10/29/2018: Important notice for all future/current Lindsley Lab employees!  | 10/25/2018: Congratulations to Rory Capstick on his promotion to Research Assistant II! | 10/19/2018: The Prof. H. Alex Brown Memorial Symposium program has been released. You can view and download a copy of the schedule here| 10/17/2018: The ACS Chemical Neuroscience special issue Dark Classics in Chemical Neuroscience has been published! Check out the issue here| 10/15/2018: Congratulations to Mark Fulton on accepting a postdoctoral fellow position at Harvard University with Prof. Matthew Shair!  | 10/8/2018: The Department of Chemistry is seeking applications for a tenured faculty position at the Associate Professor level for fall 2019. Interested candidates can view more information here, or apply here| 9/24/2018: Everyone should consider checking out/attending the ACS Publications Symposium: Innovation at the Frontier of Chemistry and Life Science December 2-4, 2018 in Beijing, China. Dr. Lindsley will be presenting at one of the sessions!  | 8/27/2018: Check out the new Pharmacology Online Website| 7/23/2018: Everyone interested in drug discovery should consider attending the Pharmacology departments Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp. Find more information here| 6/4/2018: ACS Chemical Neuroscience, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry are excited to announce a Special Issue collaboration on allosteric modulation for early 2019. See full news posting for further details.  To see all the news, click here
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