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7/25/2018: Congratulations to Daniel Jeffries (G4) who was awarded a Senior Warren Fellowship for his final year in Grad School form the Department of Chemistry!  | 7/23/2018: Everyone interested in drug discovery should consider attending the Pharmacology departments Summer Drug Discovery Bootcamp. Find more information here| 7/12/2018: Congratulations to Matt Mulder on his promotion to Drug Discovery Scientist II!  | 7/11/2018: Congratulations to Daniel Jeffries (G4) on accepting a postdoctoral positon at Harvard University in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Shair!  | 6/29/2018: Research News @ Vanderbilt published an article about the launch of Appello Pharmaceuticals. Read the article here| 6/28/2018: The VCNDD is proud to announce the launch of Appello Pharmaceuticals (with financing from Deerfield and Mountain Group Partners), who licensed our mGlu4 PAM compounds to advance the lead compounds into the clinic! Multiple news outlets have already picked up the story, find them here, here, here, here, here, here, and here| 6/27/2018: Dr. Lindsley will be presenting the Session 7 webinar for the ACS' 2018 Drug Design and Delivery Symposium on July 26, 2018 @ 1-2pm (Central) titled How to Optimize Central Nervous System Therapeutics: Med Chem Strategies, Tactics, and Workflows. The cost is free, and you can register here| 6/14/2018: Check out the new Chemistry of Clinical Neuroscience virtual issue from ACS Chemical Neuroscience| 6/4/2018: ACS Chemical Neuroscience, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry are excited to announce a Special Issue collaboration on allosteric modulation for early 2019. See full news posting for further details.  | 5/29/2018: Dr. Lindsley will be the fall 2018 J.D. Smith/Larry Winter seminar speaker at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Medicinal Chemistry!  To see all the news, click here
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