Abhi Goyal, Student

Room 410A, RRB, VUMC
23rd Avenue South at Pierce Street
Nashville, TN 37232-6890
Phone: (615) 343-7620
Fax: (615) 343-6532
E-mail: abhi.goyal@vanderbilt.edu

Research Interests

I am currently participating in a 1 year internship at the Zhang lab, where I am working on using graphene transistors to perform high resolution scanning of neuronal processes. This will be compared to mainstream imaging techniques such as patch clamp recording and optical imaging and is expected to provide results of higher spatiotemporal resolution than the previous two. I am also working on discerning the optimal conditions for neuronal growth on graphene. To do this, I will compare neurons cultured with astrocyte conditioned medium with neurons cultured with an astrocyte suspension culture with neurons cultured with no astrocytes.