We need to view ourselves as citizens of a planet  pg. 2

And so they did. Results from the four-year-long study, published last year, showed that when conventional therapy is standardized, outcomes are just as good as those obtained from HFOV. This was good news for financially-strapped countries.

Since then, the researchers have studied the use of prophylactic surfactant and nasal continuous positive airway pressure as a way to decrease the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation, and hospital-acquired infections in seriously ill newborns. They’re currently seeking funding to study whether probiotics, “friendly” bacteria that colonize the gut, can prevent such infections.

These studies “may have a significant impact on health care in the United States,” Rojas maintains. That’s why, he says, “We need to work together…

“We need to view ourselves not only as citizens of a country… (but) as citizens of a planet.”

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