A quiver of cancer fighters

Leigh MacMillan, Ph.D.
Published: February, 2007

Drug Approved in For treatment of By targeting
Avastin 2004 colorectal cancer VEGF*
  2006 lung cancer VEGF
Erbitux 2004 colorectal cancer EGFR
  2006 head and neck cancer EGFR
Gleevec 2001 CML bcr-abl 
  2002 GIST* c-kit*, PDGFR*
Herceptin 1998 breast cancer HER-2 
Iressa 2003 lung cancer EGFR
Nexavar 2005 kidney cancer Raf kinase*
Sprycel 2006 CML  bcr-abl 
Sutent 2006 kidney cancer, GIST VEGF receptor, PDGFR, c-kit
Tarceva 2004 lung cancer EGFR

 * VEGF—vascular endothelial growth factor; GIST—gastrointestinal stromal tumor; c-kit, Raf kinase—proteins linked to tumor growth; PDGFR—platelet-derived growth factor receptor.

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