Leroy Hood: Discovery Science  pg. 9

The culmination of a lifetime’s work, the Institute for Systems Biology is Hood’s meridian hour, his greatest chance to make a contribution to society. Through the systems approach to biological discovery, he aims to expedite the move toward personalized medicine. And by grassroots efforts to transform K-12 science education, he hopes to produce a citizenry better able to question and understand the momentous changes ahead.

Asked whether retirement is on the horizon, Hood first says no, then hedges.

“Yes, in the sense that I see myself doing different kinds of things,” he says. “I think I will always stay scientifically and intellectually involved, but in a less demanding way that would give Valerie and me more time to have fun, to do some things in the outdoors while we’re still able. Because there will be a time when we’ll be more fragile.”

Lee Hood fragile? Not a chance.

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