A rich heritage of diabetes research  pg. 2

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has an especially rich heritage in diabetes-related research. Charles “Rollo” Park, John Exton, Earl Sutherland, Joel Hardman, Oscar Crofford, Daryl Granner and Alan Cherrington, to name only a few, helped pioneer current understanding of how glucose and lipid metabolism is regulated. That tradition and that dedication to deciphering the riddle of diabetes continue today. I consider it to be a privilege to be here, both as a patient and as a faculty member.

This issue of Lens provides a glimpse of exciting advances in understanding diabetes: new ways of visualizing the pancreas; decoding the complex interplay of tissues and chemical signals that regulate glucose and body weight; and the prospects for “cell-based therapy” – transplants of insulin-secreting cells that have been created in the laboratory.

I hope our readers will come away with an appreciation for how discoveries in what appear to be unrelated research fields provide important clues to improving diabetes treatment. Interpreting and integrating diverse sources of information is crucial for understanding. That’s the scientist’s job. That’s the nature of science.

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