What is RSS?

RSS lets you get the summaries of the latest content from your favorite Web sites without having to surf each site. You may be using RSS now, without even knowing it! If you use MyYahoo! or iGoogle, you've used RSS.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Web sites and blogs use RSS to send updated headlines to you. Unlike e-mail, RSS is "spam-free" and always updated. You can easily add stories from Lens to your web site using RSS.

You can also view our RSS feeds with news reader software. In an RSS news reader, headlines are updated continuously, without any need for you to refresh the page. A single news reader can display headlines from dozens of different web sites. Clicking on a headline in an RSS news reader opens that story in your preferred web browser. Free news readers are available online. (Check out Yahoo for a list of news readers.)

Internet Explorer 7 allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and save them in your favorites. Click on the orange RSS link below to subscribe. Other links are listed to simplify the process of adding Lens RSS feeds to your favorite readers.

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