February 10, 2011

VUMC Breakthroughs Featured in National Print Ads

Advertisements featuring Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s research breakthroughs will appear in the coming weeks in some of the nation’s most widely read national news outlets.

The three breakthroughs featured in the ads are:

• Using a patient’s genome to protect against heart attacks and stroke.

• Working to destroy lung cancer tumors at the molecular level.

• Testing drugs that offer new hope for deadly skin cancers.

They will be featured in the following publications: The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 8 and March 1), The New York Times (Feb. 13 and March 6) and The Washington Post Sunday Magazine (Feb 20 and 27).

Visit the VUMC website to view the ads.

The ads will appear on the following websites for a full month beginning Feb. 7:




In addition, a local version of these ads will appear in the Tennessean on Feb. 13, 15 and 27, and March 1, 20 and 22.